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The brand new Battlefield 4 reveal trailer is online, check it out below and make sure you crank up the HD on it, this is going to be game of the year for sure! We have over 17 minutes of footage for everyone to look at. We will also be getting some images from this footage and posting it below so keep checking back. Remember, our Battlefield 4 cheats will be released as soon as the beta comes out this summer so keep checking back everyone. We also just updated this page with every known Battlefield 4 video we could get our hands on. The good news is we actually have the Battlefield 4 alpha so we should have one of the best BF4 hacks in the world released once the game goes live.

First Ever Battlefield 4 Cheats

Everyone we talked to is super excited about Battlefield 4 and the new release. With 64 player rounds and revoloution this is set to be one of the most amazing multi player PC games in the Battlefield Franchise history. I was actually able to play the Battlefield 4 alpha and I have to say the game feels so much better and plays better than previous versions of Battlefield. The team play and battles feel like they did back in Battlefield 2 when everyone simply couldn’t put the game down. Another amazing thing is the vast area these levels have for the teams to fight in, I have no idea how the developers did such a good job

Battlefield 4 Cheats FULL ESP

Never worry about wondering if the enemy is hiding in a house or coming at you from behind. Our full ESP allows you to see every enemy no matter where they try to hide. The player based ESP will put a full box around each player and our chams make the models glow, so you can always see every player even if they hide behind a solid object. Check out the image below (showing our ESP from BF3) and see what the ESP looks like to anyone using the cheat in the game.

battlefield 4 cheats
battlefield 4 cheats

Play BF4 like you never have before by being able to see every enemy, snipe from the other side of the map or use the auto knife to take them down in seconds. You will own the Battlefield and everyone will ask you where you went to download your hacks because they will be jealous of how well you rage kill everyone else in the game. That’s right we will have the first ever New Battlefield 4 cheats Coming to at the end of the summer when the beta is released to everyone who already purchased BF4. Also if your one of the lucky few who got Medal of Honor Warfighter you will also get early access to the BF4 beta. The battlefield 4 cheats are free to download for anyone


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