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atlantis fantasy cheats
atlantis fantasy cheats


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atlantis fantasy free pearls
atlantis fantasy free pearls

Lets talk a bit about this game if you havent played it yet then try this game on facebook

Atlantis Fantasy, like Kobojo’s previous game PyramidVille (recently reimagined for iOS), is a citybuilding sim based on popular mythology — in this case, a mix of Greek legends and the myth of Atlantis. The player is cast in the role of a minor undersea deity tasked with rebuilding a ruined settlement. Various well-known gods and goddesses from Greek mythology put in an appearance throughout the course of the player’s rebuilding efforts, and it’s through the missions that these deities provide that the game’s basic mechanics are taught.

Being a citybuilding sim, gameplay is mostly familiar with a few twists on the established formula of the genre. Firstly, unlike most games of this type, where buildings can be scattered fairly haphazardly, in Atlantis Fantasy, a building will not function if it is not connected to a road. This encourages the player to design the city in a somewhat more realistic fashion, clearing debris and building roads before placing buildings. Although the game’s Architect Mode allows players to move or rotate buildings once they’ve been placed, meaning there are few consequences for unwise placement, this mechanic does demand a greater degree of forward planning than some other examples of the genre.

The city’s population is also far more than a simple number for bragging rights. More residents means that structures and resources can be produced faster. When undertaking any construction project, whether it’s creating a new building or setting a production building to make resources, workers can be assigned from the city’s population. The greater the number, the shorter the amount of real time that the construction will take. Construction of anything can also be rushed, but unlike most games of this type, rushing construction uses energy rather than hard currency. Energy is restored upon leveling up, also, so canny builders can play for some time without having to sit and wait or purchase energy restoration items.

review reference from insidesocialgames

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